About Us...
" We Deliver When You Do "


Storks N More is a licensed home based business serving Fairfield County, CT. and greater Putnam County, NY.




 Proud to be an American.


  • Photo on the right is from a recent baby expo.
  • On the table you can see what our table top storks look like.
  • We have a nice assortment of pastel balloons that can be supplied.
  • I'm Fred, the guy in the middle.


  • This is another photo at the expo, my two kids...Alexis and Andy reluctantly  joined me, and my Lovely wife Sue.
  • Feel free to call with any questions.



   Thanks to my wife of 30 plus years for all the help you have given with this business, your the best.


   Lex & Andy, be strong and independent. Study hard, laugh alot, and keep your honor.










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